Antics and Attitudes

I shared this briefly with a group of business people recently, but I believe I should share it with everyone.

Something we hear too often, generally from Managers and business owners: “I have a staff member with a terrible attitude, who just breeds negativity, etc etc… but the job is always done, so I can’t get rid of him / her”.

The next time you hear someone say something similar, your response should be: “Nonsense! I know someone who can help you with that particular problem”. And then tell them to contact us.

Because, quite simply, the employer has a right to develop and maintain a certain culture in his / her business. Any employee who unreasonably goes against this culture is treading on thin ice, regardless of how well he / she does the physical job.

So the simple answer is yes, you can get rid of an employee with bad attitude.

Just a word of warning though – if you (the employer) are the cause of the bad attitude, then you may face a constructive dismissal situation. Be careful.

As always, if you have an issue or a concern, just drop us a message.