Impact Sessions: Lessons from Case Law

Case Law is the interpretation and application of written law in our society. The term “case law” refers literally to judgments handed down by Judges, Magistrates and Arbitrators in real cases.

Very few people have the time to study the latest case law on a daily basis. Subsequently, few people understand the intricacies that lead to failure at CCMA and Bargaining Council disputes. We have decided to put together this series of Impact Sessions, bringing a consolidated interpretation of the latest case law to business owners, managers and supervisors.

For ease of absorption and implementation in the workplace, each topic is presented in a 2-hour interactive session that is easy to grasp. Attendees are also provided tips and tools on how to implement necessary controls and records.

Impact Sessions can also be done on site for larger companies, who wish to have 6 or more employees attend at a time.

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